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24/07/2019 - 16:32

BIOMEMS Chemistry & Cell Culture Lab

BioMEMS Chemistry and Cell Culture lab is built to address various studies in the field of biology, chemistry, micro- & nanotechnology and nanomedicine. The devices in the cell culture lab allow researchers to culture and store any type of cells and to characterize and image them. The chemistry lab enables the synthesis of polymers, micro and nanoparticles, self-assemble monolayers and modification of surfaces as well as absorption-desorption studies to help verifying assorted proof-of-concept studies. The equipment present in the lab gives the opportunity to produce new concepts of biosensors that can be used for cancer, disease, molecule or ion detections. The resources in both labs, overall, are significantly adequate for creating new approaches in the field of nano-bio sensor technologies.

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BioMEMS Lab Coordinator:

Meltem OKAN AYDIN (M.Sc.)

Contact: maydin [at]; +90 312 210 6376

Capabilities of BioMEMS Lab 

  • Safety Cabinett (Laminar Flow)

  •  CO2 Incubator

  • Water Bath

  • Centrifuge

  • Freezer (-86)

  • Liquid Nitrogen Tank

  • Autoclave 

  • Automated Cell Counter

  • Vacuum Aspiration

  • pH Meter

  • Vacuum Etuve

  • Fume Hood

  • UV Transilluminator

  • Mini Centrifuge

  • Rotator

  • Vacuum Pump

  • Homogenizer

  • Ultrasonicator

  • Balance

  • Magnetic Stirrer

  • Mechanical Stirrer

  • Magnetic Stirrer Array

  • Vortex

  • Mantle Heater

  • Micropipette Set 

  • Microplate Reader

  • Nanodrop

  • Inverted Bright Field Microscope

  • Inverted Flourescent Microscope

  • Microfluidic System (Elveflow)

  • Syringe Pump

  • Fridge (4-10°C)

  • Freezer (-20°C)

  • Superhigh Speed Centrifuge (SHSC)