This area of research focuses on systems that are suitable for MEMS manufacturing techniques and consist of one or more inertial masses that are precisely positioned and/or whose positions are detected.

North Finder technology, which is being researched within the scope of this area, is aimed at developing critical defense industry solutions and providing support for existing tactical navigation systems.

Another technology being studied in this field is Tunable MEMS Fabry-Pérot Filter Technology. This technology makes it possible to perform detailed analysis by selectively choosing light of any specific narrow band from a broad-spectrum light source using a tunable optical cavity. The aim is to produce critical solutions for various sectors, including the automotive and imaging industries.

MEMS Contractile Cell Test System Technology aims to develop a unique force-displacement measurement and evaluation system to directly assess the performance of contractile cells. This technology holds high intrinsic value due to its pioneering work in our country and its potential to serve as a foundation for application projects in the healthcare sector.

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29/09/2023 - 16:49