Positions for Professionals/Academics :

Research in Terahertz Technologies

METU MEMS Center, Ankara, Turkey

We are seeking talented and enthusiastic candidates to work with us at METU MEMS Center. The subject positions are under recently funded EIC Pathfinder project titled "PLASNANO: Nano-scale Development of Plasmonic Amplifiers Based on 2D Materials". PLASNANO project aims to develop an 2D plasmon based Terahertz amplifier system for public use in the fields of ultra-high-speed communication, applications for automotive, Internet of Things, etc. The project is for three years starting on April 2023.

This position will mainly focus on electrical characterization of 2D materials, generic micro/nanofabrication processes and their effects on the properties of 2D materials. Some of these methods are lithography, deposition (PVD, PECVD, sputtering), lift-off and etching. You will be working on patterning metallic layers as well as 2D materials, both being deposited over 2D materials. You will also need to use various characterization methods to determine the properties of the 2D materials before and after fabrication. The project will be carried out in collaboration with METU Physics and Chemistry Departments, along with other international project partners. For information about the METU MEMS, you may visit our web site. (https://mems.metu.edu.tr)


• A Bachelor's, Master's or a PhD degree in a related science or engineering field

• Experience with 2D materials (graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides), 2D materials growth, transfer, process and characterization, especially conductivity measurement (is a plus)

• Knowledge and/or experience in micro/nanofabrication methods such as lithography, electron beam lithography and/or photolithography (is a plus)

• Experience with characterization tools such as AFM, optical microscopy, SEM, EDS, or 4-point probe measurement (is a plus)

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22/05/2023 - 11:47